The Planet Project: for a transparent and efficient public procurement system

In the framework of a European Union funded project, public procurement system is improved in Kosovo in order to ensure proper stewardship, transparency and effectiveness in public spending.

The project “Improving Administrative Capacities in Public Procurement in Kosovo” – managed by the European Commission Office in Kosovo and implemented by an international consortium led by Planet S.A. – enhances regulatory and operational background of public procurement.

The work started in December 2012 and lasts until June 2015. During these 2,5 years, Public Procurement Regulatory Commission (PPRC), Procurement Review Body (PRB) and Central Procurement Agency (CPA) receives continuous legal and procurement support ensuring that the implementation of the public procurement law and secondary legislation is in line with the EU Directives, reflects the EU best practice and the basic principle “Best value for money” is put into practice. Moreover, the project supports the improvement of the public financial management system and the creation of an effective public governance framework in Kosovo.

The project consists of four components:

Providing support in procurement policy-making: preparing guidelines for the public procurement officers and providing assistance in the implementation of managerial and organizational enhancement of PPRC, PRB and CPA. 

Implementing a training program in public procurement in order to strengthen administrative capacities and coordination mechanism between the main stakeholders.

Assistance in the implementation of the primary and secondary legislation at the central and municipal level, trainings and mentoring in the monitoring of the contracts, and advising on the regular use of the framework contracts.

Information campaign in order to raising awareness and understanding of the benefits of accurate public procurement system among public and private sector actors as well as general public.

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Public Procurement Regulatory Commission

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Public Procurement Regulatory Commission

Komisioni Rregullativ i Prokurimit Publik

Regulativna komisija za javne nabavke

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Central Procurement Agency

Agjencia Qendrore e Prokurimit

Centralna agencia nabavke

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Procurement Review Body

Organi Shqyrtues i Prokurimit

Telo za razmatranje nabavke

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